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Sitters & Backup Care

Want to earn some extra funds?  Become a Coastal sitter for date day/night. We also provide families with reliable backup plans to ensure that disruptions on the home front don't lead to disruptions in the workplace.  We require our sitters to be trained, CPR certified, vaccinated according to each families’ need, and provide the quality care the families require. 

Hotels/Resort Care

Vacationing and Traveling as a family can be loads of fun, but often families want an extra hand. That's where we come into 'play'. Coastal sitters will report to local resorts, hotels or career nannies who are able to travel with individual families.   

This service allows families to have the best of both worlds;  bring their children for family fun, but don't have to miss out on adult highlights.

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Special Events: Weddings, Corporate, and Churches

We provide care for conferences, weddings, parties, church childcare, and celebrations both social and religious.  Often our team will create "camp style" events with themes and content for participants.  The kid's camp increase parent and guardian participation with our service.  Our intent is to make life easier for the event planners, and create great memories for kids.

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