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    An agency that feels like home 

Coastal Nanny and Staffing Agency a boutique agency was born out of a desire to ensure that families can find the best nanny or staff for their individual needs.


As a placement service, we connect Nannies, Newborn Care Specialist, House Managers, Pet Care Specialist and many other qualified household staff with families


As an agency, we aim to lock arms with our families to provide supportive hands and hearts in order to meet each families unique needs.


Our agency will find the perfect nanny or qualified specialist for your family.  With our expertise and support, we will provide all the necessary information to hire, keep, and enjoy your placement.  We believe your household staff should be an extended part of your family.  Balancing family life, a career, and social life is a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to assist in that balance-that’s where we come in.


We are devoted to making the process seamless. We start from the beginning: reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and ensuring that each of our team members has the experience and disposition needed to satisfy your household requirements and needs.  Once we have your pool of candidates, your process begins.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional household staff that has a heart and passion for their career. 

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Mother/Daughter Duo


Michelle Muldrow

Founder & CEO


Kristen Brown


Director of Recruitment & Placement



Mother and a Child
Modern Kitchen

Nanny (Full and Part Time)

Nannies work alongside parents, as a team, while creating an engaging environment, ensuring the child(ren) are safe, healthy, and happy.  Coastal Nannies engage the child(ren) in educational and age appropriate activities, utilizing social play, creative learning and discovery.

Newborn Care Specialist &  Mother/Baby Nurse (RN)

Newborn Care Specialists and Mother/Baby Nurses (RN) approach their expertise with an unconditional love for babies. Newborn Care Specialists are trained, skilled professionals who provide unique assistance and education to parents of newborns. This temporary position sets parents up for success during one of the most precious times in their little one’s life.

After parents bring their newborn or multiples home from the hospital, help from a Newborn Care Specialists or Mother/Baby Nurses (RN) includes sleep training, feeding, assistance with breastfeeding, and more. Newborn Care Specialists provide 10-24-hour shifts. Our Team works together to tailor a schedule that best fits your family’s unique needs.

House Manager & Personal Assistants

As a House Manager, our qualified candidates are able to manage staff, properties, oversee grounds, events, renovations, vendors and day-to-day maintenance of any private home.

As a Personal Assistant, our experienced professionals can assist you with your day-to-day management with ease.

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Packing for Vacation

Sitters & Backup Care Nannies 

Need a sitter for a date night, round of golf or a chance to roam Target alone, we have you covered.  

When school closes, a nanny cancels or calls out, or an elderly relative needs covered care, you find your family in a bind.  Our Backup Care Nannies and Sitters are here for you.  A reliable backup plan helps ensure that disruptions on the home front don't lead to disruptions in the workplace.  Our team is trained, CPR certified, vaccinated, and will provide the quality care you need. 

Short Term & Summer Nanny

Short Term and Summer Nannies are typically retired educators, teachers and college students who love working with kids, being hands-on, coming up with fun and creative activities, and often sneaking in some learning opportunities for each child(ren). Summer Nannies give families the flexibility to customize thier summer needs.

Short Term Nannies enjoy the opportunity to meet a variety of families through their career and often are available to transition into permanent placement as Full or Part Time.

Vacation/Travel Nanny

Vacationing and Traveling as a family can be loads of fun, but you'll probably want some designated "adult-time" or just an extra hand. That's where we come into 'play'. Coastal can provide a sitter for local resorts or career nannies who are able to travel with individual families.  

This service allows you to have the best of both worlds; you can bring your children, but don't have to miss out on adult highlights.

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Cleaning Sink
A girl and her dog

Special Events Childcare

Conferences, Weddings, Parties, Celebrations both social and reglious when you include childcare at your event, you show attendees that you prioritize family.  Our Team will create "camp style" events with themes and content.  A kid's camp will increase attendance among parents and guardians, make life easier for your event planners, and create great memories for kids.

Housekeeper & Elder Care

Coastal housekeepers work in all types of homes, from those with a casual atmosphere to formal, multi-staffed homes. Their job description may change depending on the needs of the family. This position involves daily maintenance of the home as well as heavy cleaning. Housekeepers are usually supervised by principals or by the Household Manager.

Housekeepers usually work alone, but should the needs of the home demand multiple staff, they may work as a team with other housekeepers. As a general guideline, a full-time Housekeeper is recommended for homes of 5,000 sq. ft. or more. If errands, cooking, and laundry are also required, hiring an additional housekeeper is recommended.

Pet Care

In Home Pet Care is ideal for fur babies to remain in the comfort of their home.  Our Pet Care sitters will provide the love and attention that you expect from a pet lover. Thus providing you  peace of mind knowing your pet will be happy, comfortable. and secure. 

Lauren LaRowe, Sugarland, TX

"Yes! Yes! Yes! 1000 times yes!!!!! For all of my Charleston friends with babies and kiddos! I can’t speak highly enough about this family and now the super smart and wonderful Michelle Shivers Muldrow has started her own nanny service! I’ve been burned with services in the past and they swooped in and were my angels from God when we needed help most!! Please share and save!! I’m so excited." 
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