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Long-Term Placement


$300 Registration Fee and $6,000 or 8 weeks of the placements’ gross salary, whichever is greater. $1,000 nonrefundable fee & Registration due payable to begin the process. $2,000 is due payable once the family is ready to make an offer (includes employment agreement), final balanced due 7 days prior to the placement’s start date. (Ask about payment plan options)


Includes 3-day trial (paid trial period). A replacement credit as follows: 1-60 Days 90%, 60-90 Days 75%, 90-120 Days 50%, 120-180 Days 30%, 180-270 Days 20%, 270-365 Days 10%. This credit may be applied to replacement nanny or any services our agency provides. Continued placement pass 1 year is $1000, which includes (2) 30-minute consultation for the client, new 1 year contract renewal, continued support for the Client and Placement. After 2 years of full-time employment with the same Placement $600 required for contract renewal or support. After 3 years of full-time employment with the same Placement $300.


For example, a nanny who makes $20/hour @ 40 Hours per week will be paid a gross pay of $800. The permanent placement fee due to the agency is $6,400 for the 8 weeks of gross pay. Placement Fees are those fees as defined in the Agency's Fee Schedule as of the date of the execution of this Agreement. Client acknowledges a receipt of said Fee Schedule, understands said Fee Schedule in its entirety and agrees to fees stated therein.


Placement approximately takes 2-6 weeks. If the client needs placement prior to this window, we require an additional nonrefundable $1,500. Please note, this amount does not apply to the credit system below. This amount is also due to begin the process.

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Reference Checking: $150/check
Comprehensive Background Check: $1000
One Hour Consultation: $300
Post Hire/Contract Package: $1500

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