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Temporary/Summer Nanny & Newborn Care Specialist


Seasonal or Summer Nanny (up to 3 months) $4000 or 4 weeks of gross pay, which ever is greater.  

A $300 nonrefundable Fee for the below listed (non-long-term) Clients: less than 10 days’ notice is an additional $100 fee. (Ask about payment plan options)     


Monthly placement - $2000/month


Placement Fees

  • Temporary Childcare or Staff - $50/day and $60/day (holidays)

  • Resort/Hotel Fees - $60/day and $70/day (holidays) plus $25/day gas stipend paid to caregiver

  • Overnight Nanny or Staff - $70/day and $200-250/night care (sleeping hours-paid to the caregiver)

  • Last minute Nanny or Staff, less than 24 hours’ notice additional $30/day, holiday placements $60/day

  • Sick Child - $80/day (additional $5/hr(paid to caregiver) each additional Child)

A kid playing with a safe guide from a staff in Coastal Nanny


Reference Checking: $200/check
Comprehensive Background Check: $1500
One Hour Consultation: $500
Post Hire/Contract Package: $2000

Credit System

Includes 3-day trial (paid trial period). A replacement credit as follows: 1-60 Days 90%, 60-90 Days 75%, 90-120 Days 50%, 120-180 Days 30%, 180-270 Days 20%, 270-365 Days 10%. This credit may be applied to replacement nanny or any services our agency provides. Continued placement pass 1 year is $2000, which includes (2) 30-minute consultation for the client, new 1 year contract renewal, continued support for the Client and Placement. After 2 years of full-time employment with the same Placement $1500 required for contract renewal or support. After 3 years of full-time employment with the same Placement $750.


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